While summer doesn't technically end until mid September, the wind down to the carefree days start as the back to school days approach. There's just something about the dog days of summer and if you're anything like me you'd wish they lasted a little longer. The warm air, patio perches, fruity bevies and the laid back, no rush vibe are all things we long for come springtime.

Keep the summer vibe throughout the year  with these beachy prints. One or two will do, or why not fill a wall? A collection of prints mixed with your own summer memories is the perfect way to reminisce and warm your heart during the winter months.

Long live summer!

Summer Prints, Nyla Free Designs Inc., Calgary, AB

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New projects are exciting and the creative juice that flows at the beginning is one of my favourite parts. Between our team at Nyla Free Designs and our client we have gathered images and inspirations to use as our jumping off points for each room. Whether an image, fabric, furniture piece or simply the overall feeling, creating a concept board really starts to pull the feel of the home together. We often do this via Pinterest, another great tool, however this time we embraced the "old school" way and used our office pinboard to pull together our inspirations.  

Inspiration Board, Nyla Free Designs Inc., Calgary, AB

Take A Closer Look!

We're taking colour to a whole new level. Warm, saturated and regal, all the while maintaining a modern aesthetic for this vacation property in the interior of British Columbia. Combining texture with colour and adding in a cheeky chic vibe, this home will be a welcome abode for our über stylish clients. 

With the foundation soon to be poured, we're well on our way in the selection process and looking forward to diving deeper into this exciting project. Stay tuned for more!


July 15, 2016

Join us this Saturday July 16th at 217, 4th Street NE alongside Alykan Velji Designs, LeAnne Bunnell Interiors and Corea Sotropa Interior Design for a DESIGNER YARD SALE. Here is a sneak peek at some of the items we'll have for sale. Rain or shine we'll be ready for you! Hope to see you there. 

Nyla Free Design, Yard Sale, Calgary, Interior Design

The last few months have been a whirlwind on multiple levels. One of our projects, among many, was our Dinner by Design space in support of ACAD and Contemporary Calgary. While we came up with our idea last summer we didn't finalize the concept until earlier this year. Then of course came the planning, design and execution in preparation for the big event at the beginning of June. We were ambitious with our vision and it took an incredible amount of detail and hard work by many to pull it off. Here is some insight into our space from concept to completion. Below, Alex's concept sketch in the early planning stages. 

Nyla Free Designs, Dinner by Design 2016, Japanese Table (sketch)Infusing design elements of shoji screens, parasols and graphic script signifying harmony, zen, beauty, freedom, fortune, home and heart, we created a space where the fundamentals of Japanese culture reside, especially those of friends and family as they dine together.

Nyla Free Designs, Dinner by Design 2016, Japanese Table

It was a labour intensive process building the walls and ceiling but well worth it as we see the perimeter space complete and ready for furniture and table settings. 

Nyla Free Designs, Dinner by Design 2016, Japanese TableNihonjin-hyō | Japanese Table

Travel with us to a land steeped in deep traditions, simplicity and respect. With passionate, hard working and innovative people we found inspiration from the Japanese story "The Wind Rises", about young Jiro Horikoshi who longs to become a pilot. His dream is realized in the form of designing planes with the help of an Italian mentor, seen only in his dreams, as well as his late wife who celebrates his achievements and exhorts her husband to live life to the fullest, even after her death.

Nyla Free Designs, Dinner by Design 2016, Japanese TableIt's all in the details. 

Nyla Free Designs, Dinner by Design 2016, Japanese Table

Nyla Free Designs, Dinner by Design 2016, Japanese Table

Where there is passion, there is hard work. Where there is trust, there is perseverance. Where there is a mentor, there is a friend. Success comes from believing in yourself, believing in your dreams and living life to it's fullest. The ones who believe in you will stand beside you, lift you up when you fall and cheer when you succeed. As in the story of Jiro, perseverance is paramount. Let's celebrate our passions and successes!

We had the privilege of having the crew from Module Creative Agency on site capturing a behind the scenes look at the build process of our space, right to the Cocktail Art event. 

DinnerbyDesign2016 from nyla free on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoyed this peek into our 2016 Dinner by Design Japanese inspired space. Click here to see the amazing sponsors who supported us in this incredible endeavour. 

It's been a long and crazy week. Events like this don't come together without an army of people, endless days and on the spot trouble shooting but we did it! Our space is complete and last nights cocktail art event was amazing. Once again an abundance of beautiful people and spaces, hip music, fancy bevies and never ending accolades towards so much Calgary design talent. All I can say is WOW.

All this packed into an already crazy weekend, however it is officially crazy June. If you've got a much quieter weekend than I, please enjoy these links! 

And thank you for all your love and support of our space. xoxo 

We'll show more photos of the full space soon. Stay tuned!

In LOVE with this home.

Style profile on Madeline Weinrib. Love her. 

Watch the full movie we used as inspiration for our Dinner by Design event, The Wind Rises

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Saturday morning deliciousness with these cinnamon bun scones

If it's one pattern that makes me happy it's polka dots. I love the playful, simple graphic especially in a black on white combination. Whether in fashion, interiors, events or accessories, this pattern is sure to delight your eyes and add a smile to your face. 

Sources: Haley Hurst / Haute Design / Oliver Twist / Norm Architects / Design Love Fest / Eenig Wonen / Collage Vintage / Brooklyn Blonde


May 27, 2016

We're on the countdown to Dinner by Design. On Tuesday we load in our walls and floor so the process of putting together our space can begin. 

We'd like to take this time to say a special thanks to our sponsors for being part of our dining experience this year. We couldn't do it without you! 

Sources: Bake My Day / Aron Hill / Crate & Barrel / Craftworks / EQ3 / Windsor Plywood / Robinson Lighting / CB2 / Red Eight Workshop / Campbell Dunsmore Group / Fleurish Flower Shop

After years of putting time and money into the main floor of their home, our clients decided it was time to focus on their master space. A little TLC went a long way with new paint, bedding, drapery, accessories and an added sitting area. This room is now far more suited to our clients fab style. Here's the after!

Master Bedroom Makeover by Nyla Free Designs Inc.

Ta-da! What a world of difference. 

Check out their living room and dining room transformations too!

Last year was Calgary's inaugural Dinner by Design event and as with any "firsts" there's often a feeling of wonder and anticipation, but also a (not gonna lie) feeling of "what have we gotten ourselves into?!" 

Dinner by Design 2015, Nyla Free Designs Inc., PHOTOPHILCRO photography

After all the hard work, countless hours and cups of coffee, the event was a huge success and we had an amazing time putting together our space and as well, enjoying the talents of Amanda Hamilton, Aly Velji, ID Bohemia, Corea Sotropa, Connie Young and Uniquities who also participated. For those who attended last year, thank you. Thank you for believing in the concept and jumping on board to support us as designers and also the arts community. To those who were unable to join in the festivities, we hope to see you at either the cocktail or dinner event (or both!) this year, to experience a celebration of the senses, from food to music to the visual stimulation of 10 incredible dining spaces. 

Click here for your tickets! The evening is in support of ACAD and Contemporary Calgary and will be held on June 2nd and 3rd. We hope you can join us. Here are images captured last year by Phil Crozier and FO Photography as well as a video from both the cocktail party and dinner event to whet your whistle and get you excited about what you might see this year. Thank you to The Social Concierge for putting on such a show stopping event. 

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of what we're up to this year. 

Monogram Dinner By Design Calgary from The Social Concierge on Vimeo.

There are countless selections and decisions to be made when building or renovating a home. It is an intense and thoughtful process and one an interior designer participates greatly in. It is overwhelming at times with the abundance of options available, and staying on the right design path is difficult with an overdose of visual eye candy. 

With our country house project, each area of selections has been detailed and thoughtfully approached based on the surrounding areas. The hardware is no exception. We did not choose one handle or pull and apply it throughout, rather an extensive review of each area of millwork was required and each area in turn, had a different selection based on use, cabinet finish and overall look and feel. 

We took with us the cabinet door samples, plans, a list of all areas requiring hardware, quantities and pre-determined sizes for each cabinet. We're excited to see this functional and decorative layer added to each door and drawer. 

Here is a quick look at the process. 

Nyla Free Designs Hardware Selection from nyla free on Vimeo.

And what did we choose? Here's a peek at a few of our selections. 

Installation of millwork is starting soon. Best get this hardware on order!

Sources: Video editing: Jamie Wensley / Hardware: Banbury Lane